Carol W Hazelwood

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And So I Write 

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And So I Write

And So I write 
by Carol W. Hazelwood

Paperback: 178 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-955162-09-8 
6 x 9 inches, $12.49
Published by Aventine Press
Cover artwork by Art Hazelwood

And So I Write is a collection of short stories, essays, vignettes, and a novella that brings the author's travels, experiences, and thoughts into one concise book. Nature, adventure, fun, and human frailties, including her own, is at the heart of this work. She portrays her life's journey with all its complications, sadness, and joy through stories and essays. Her positive and practical approach to life will delight readers and give them new insights into their life's journey.

"It's usually a pleasurable experience when someone 'opens up'. And So I Write is no exception. The novella Rising Mist is, by itself, a satisfying treat. But the variety of short stories that follow in both fictional and autobiographical form enhance the reader's joy and insight. Thank you, Carol, for so skillfully sharing the emotional depth of your personal experience as well as your love affair with nature. Both are inspirational."   
              - Marc Frederic  

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