Carol W Hazelwood

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Carol W. Hazelwood is the author of over a dozen published books in several genres including mysteries/suspense, young adult, as well as non-fiction.

“ I enjoy developing plots that derive from my characters,” she says. “Writing takes me to another world, one that I can control to some extent. Occasionally a character tries to grab the spotlight and I have to subdue him or her.”

Carol Hazelwood is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley in the School of Criminology and lives in Southern California. In 1986 she revitalized the Newport Beach Literacy Program.  , but her main pursuits are writing and sports. She was the women’s golf champion for five years at Bel Air Country Club. She maintains her joy of sports, including swmming, ping pong, Bocce and club putting events. She claims to be a Jill of many trades and a master of none. She's a widow with three married sons, four grandchildren, and two grandsons. Writing is her passion and research a neccessity and a joy.