Carol W Hazelwood

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The Beastly Island Murder

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Beastly Island - cover

The Beastly Island Murder
by Carol W. Hazelwood

Cover art by Art Hazelwood
Paperback: 254 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1593308407
6 x 9 inches, $15.50
$9.99 ebook

Jennifer Frost finds her sister's bludgeoned body on their private fog-shrouded Beastly Island. The only clue to the murder is the disappearance of a signed first edition of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep. As a specialist in the rare book business, Jennifer appraises a millionaire's collection, which leads to new clues. A stranger, an old boat builder, her new boyfriend and her ex-fiance lead her to the killer. Each new discovery triggers another murder, and puts Jennifer and her beloved Newfoundland dog Lydia in jeopardy to be the next victims.