Carol W Hazelwood

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Coyoacan Hill

is available from the author.
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Coyoacon Hill - cover

Coyoacan Hill
by Carol W. Hazelwood

Paperback $8.00

Coyoacan Hill, a place of danger and mystery, is ruled by Shau Ma, the coyote. Below the Hill lies Mercy Street where cats and dogs quietly enjoy their separate lives. But Sunshine, the dog leader, breaks a taboo by eating snails to rid herself of the ghost of a vengeful cat. On the Hill the coyotes wait and watch as the cats and dogs go to war. Duke, a golden retriever, and Chrispen, a maverick cat, learn that friendship between their cultures is possible. It’s up to them to bring peace back to the land. But they can only do this by venturing into the belly of Coyoacan Hill and by facing Shau Ma and her pack.