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Dark Legacy

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Dark Legacy is a suspense novel set in Oregon where the exotic matsutake mushrooms grow. When Claudia Parnell arrives at her brother’s house, she learns he’s been murdered. She falls for a flamboyant Greek mushroom dealer, meets vengeful neighbors, and must deal with an inept sheriff’s deputy. Claudia’s investigation into her brother’s past puts her in the murderer’s crosshairs.

"I love the book! I stayed up way too late last night reading it instead of going to bed."
Bonny Schumacher

Dark Legacy
By: Carol W. Hazelwood
ebook $9.99
Trade Paperback 6x9 - $19.99
Trade Hardback 6x9 - $29.99
Pages : 211

"Learning of the death of her estranged brother Jonathan, Claudia Parnell decides to more to the unusual house that Jonathan built near a three-stoplight loggin town. Finding it isn’t easy: unmarked roads, deep forest, neighbors neither near nor friendly.

Shocked by news from the sheriff that Jonathan was murdered, not killed by a bear, she seeks answers but finds few. Why the claw marks on his body? Who? How?

It’s matsutake season, and a visitor appears: a university mycologist who had an agreement with Jonathan to keep matsutake pickers out of an agreed-upon research area and who resents Claudia’s presence. Hardly a good beginning to a quiet retreat. And then there are the questions about land ownership…

The incidents, the relationships, the invasive events all circle around the land and the matsutake mushrooms. The mycology of the matsutake is well-written, those who know the science should enjoy it for that reason. Mystery lovers will be pleased with the intricacy of the plot. It’s rare to find both together. Best mycological mystery? In my view, yes."

Maggie Rogers
Fungi, Volume 2:3, Summer 2009