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The Franchetti Chase

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The Franchetti Chase

The Franchetti Chase
by Carol W. Hazelwood

Paperback: 231 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1593309886 
6 x 9 inches, $14.00
Published by Aventine Press
Cover artwork by Art Hazelwood

Nicole Rogers' store, Franchetti Fine Jewels, is robbed. The police suspect she was behind the scheme, killed Issac Franchetti, and stole his private jewel collection. To clear her name she visits friends in the mountain town of Alpen, but their secrets cause complications to find the Franchetti jewels. When Nicole's insurance agent disappears and a diamond necklace is lost, she turns to a stranger for help. Their search for Isaac's collection puts them in danger. Nicole joins a company dealing in finding antiquities. She learns a friend is her enemy and old European feuds are behind the Franchetti theft.

A woman gemologist haunted by ghosts from a past she knows nothing about as well as being hounded by unscrupulous-revenge-seeking people bent on avenging family pride, and intermixed with presumed friends who use her for their own gain. Throw in a new friend who uses logic to help her unravel it all and, voila another good read from an imaginative mind.
       - Tom McCranie

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