Carol W Hazelwood

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The PI Grandmother's Protege

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The PI Grandmother's Protege - cover

The PI Grandmother's Protege
by Carol W. Hazelwood

The PI Grandmother's Protege is the sequel to  My Grandmother the PI. Mandy Winthrop, her boyfriend Charlie and their friends, investigate a cult that has ensnared some of their peers. When Mandy helps introverted Abbey, she meets Dr. Jonah, the charismatic leader of The Watchers. To learn more about Jonah's cult, Mandy befriends Willow Hornsby, a beautiful deaf teenager, who is a member of The Watchers. This association brings Willow's mother and Mandy's father, RJ, together. When Mandy discovers a connection between a case her grandmother is working on and Dr. Jonah, her desire for justice leads to dangerous and unforeseen consequences.

Paperback: 168 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-955162-21-0
6 x 9 inches, $12.49
Published by Aventine Press
Cover art by Art Hazelwood