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Twilight in the Garden

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Twilight in the Garden - cover

Twilight in the Garden
by Carol W. Hazelwood

Twilight in the Garden spins love and family deceptions into an intriguing story. A business fails, a gift of a computer exposes family thefts, an elderly woman realizes she’s needed, and a young widow and her daughter find a home.
Ninety-year-old Marta Wagner regains control of her finances from her covetous and quarrelsome family, who want to sell her house with its award winning garden. Brent, Marta’s beloved grandson, hires young widow Clarissa to write Marta’s memoirs. Over the objections of the Wagner family, Clarissa and her six-year-old daughter Amanda, come to live with Marta, and the three develop a special rapport. Although Clarissa and Brent are drawn to one another, tragedy strikes and causes complications with surprising results.

Author Carol Hazelwood says, “I became so enthralled with the characters of this novel that it was like losing a friend when I finished the manuscript. I hope readers will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Reader's Responses

"I just finished the book on a plane to Minneapolis. The book is the most rewarding I have read in some time. I wanted more. The ending was a rollercoaster too and that was good."