Carol W Hazelwood

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Web of Obsession

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Web of Obsession - cover

Web of Obsessions
By: Carol W. Hazelwood
Paperback: 254 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1593308407
6 x 9 inches, $15.50
Cover art by Art Hazelwood

Greed, environmental conflict, and ulterior motives result in murder in the wild-river setting of Canada's Northwest Territory during a canoe expedition. When a wolf trapper attempts to destroy evidence, long-kept secrets are divulged. Some seek a diamond lode, others try to locate radioactive debris from a downed Russian spy satellite, while some look for love. Trust is lost, and friendships are severed, as everyone fights for survival in the harsh wilderness. When nature dictates the outcome, there are few winners in this suspenseful tale based on the 1978 Operation Morning Light, a search and recovery mission.